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Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 21 Awkward Sentence?

Was it this awkwardly written sentence?...

"Too many people who want to know -- of
course. And of course you
should know and of course I want to talk
to any one who calls, but I don't know
anything more right now.
I love you all. Patty

I just received the following e-mail
from my friend/neighbor/car pool
partner/mother of one of my favorite
(Hi P.M.) teens, (besides Sara of
course) and it made me realize that
I may have stepped on toes
inadvertently. I am so sorry if my
sentence structure came out
badly. That is why I am to remember
that you all can't see my expressions
or hear the tone of my voice or the
inflections thereof. I am so sorry. I
didn't mean to suggest that anyone
was being anything close to being
Love you all lots. Patty

(By the way - my friend said she
would let me know if I was being
rude or whatever.)

From: L
Patty, I'd apologize for being on
your "nosy" list, but since I don't
intend to stop, an apology would
be pointless. However, I hereby
give you permission to give me
updates last, when you get around
to it. And know that we're all being
nosy because we love you.

L. - Oh my gosh - did that sound
like I thought everyone was being
nosy? I didn't mean it like that
at all. Is that why most of my
family is not responding to my e-mail?
Good grief - now what can I say? I
am so sorry if anyone thought that
they shouldn't ask me anything for
fear of being thought of as nosy!
[They should know me and know
that my life is pretty much an open
book - Yes?]

Sara is going to start a Blog for
me. Maybe then everyone will be
able to stay in the loop - as long
as I remember to give out my correct
blog address (URL).

Today I called the plastic surgeon
and the radiation oncologist for
appointments - can't remember why -
just that the Dr. said to do so. I can
always cancel them later if need be
-after the MRI on Wednesday May 23.
We are still just waiting until we get
the results from that MRI to make any
plans. Dr. Whitacre's office just called
to say that the lab indeed did not have
enough tissue from the biopsy to do
the estrogen receptor test. That is
why it wasn't done in the first place.
So - that test will have to wait
until the surgery when there is more
tissue to sample. It won't make any
difference to any of our decisions
anyway. Love, Patty


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