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Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 18 Now you are in the loop!!

I found this kind of overlooked/lost entry. It is
from an e-mail written it seems an eon ago. I
certainly thought I had posted this entry - at
the very beginning of the blog. I'm glad I found
it again. It will just show you just how much my
mind goes
back and forth and back and forth.
Oh, wait, that isn't new. You all already knew
that about me! (If you can't laugh at yourself,
who can you laugh at?)

I didn't mean to leave anyone out of any loop
(there isn't one, yet) but I
wanted to at least
wait till the Dr. visit on Sat. June 19th so I
could at
least answer questions that I, up to
now, have only been able to answer
by saying
-- "I don't know, I haven't even been to the
doctor yet."
So here I am, surprisingly
and seemingly very calm and collected (well,
sometimes) or is it simply
in denial? I really
don't know which.
I'm really not too worried,
because it is early
(I assume) and they didn't hurry to get me
the doctor, and I know many women
who are just fine after their cancer diagnosis.
Some wit
a lumpectomy, some with one
reconstruction, some with two breasts missing

and just using prostheses, and some with
reconstructions of both breasts.
I don't have
any idea what the Dr. might recommend -
last week, I just
wanted both of them cut
off so I don't ever have to worry about this
Not that I'm worrying.
Anyway - I'll just keep thinking of all the
thoughts everyone is sending my
way, and all the prayers, and then -- just

wait and wait!
Carol had the idea of starting a blog so that
everyone could visit, so I
wouldn't have to
repeat myself time after time (or have Bob
or Sara have
to repeat again and again)
and so Sara is going to help me with
that project. Hopefully it won't
need to be up for long - I am assuming
surgery of some sort, and then
chemotherapy of some sort - I really don't
know -
it is all just speculation at this point.
Love you lots. Patty : )


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