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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 21 Rad Onc Visit on Tuesday 19th

I went for my first follow-up visit to Dr. Croghan on Tuesday the 19th. Everything is 'normal' and I go back to see her in 6 months. The plan she says, is for me to see someone (surgeon, rad onc, or med onc) every 3 three months from now until eternity. Not really that long. I suppose for 5 years?
Blood pressure is pretty much back to normal - the steroids really sent it high for awhile. Skin has healed and is the normal color now. The tan lines are gone! There is a pretty tender spot, right on the lumpectomy scar, that is still swollen and sore and did I mention TENDER! Only when I put weight on it, as in sleeping on my left side, or hugging someone crooked or touch it while showering or whatever.
Weight is...well, I'm maintaining the gain I've had in the last year with the foot thing and not walking and the chemo thing and being too fatigued and the no sleep thing and not wanting to get up to walk in the a.m. and the laziness thing that is that I really just don't like being hot and sweaty and in the sun. So, the good news, as they say in Weight Watchers, I am showing that I can maintain well.
I am having more of the hotter than hot flashes - hotter than any I previously had - from the Femara. It also is giving me joint pain in every joint, but especially in my arthritic thumb and finger joints. My back and hips are next worse (?), and the rest of me is just dealing with it.
Love ya, love ya, love ya. Patty : )


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