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Thursday, May 24, 2007

April ? Two Sisterly Support letters

These letters are very very special to me - they
were sent to me by my sister just after everyone
found out about my cancer. She has kindly
allowed me to include them - with the hope that
perhaps someone else might be able to gain
some insight or get some help from reading
them. I want to re-read them every day.
Love, Patty

I know that was difficult to have to write such detail
of 'current events', but at least now everyone is 'up
to speed'. You know we all love you and want to be
aware of difficulties, so we may be supportive, each
in our own way, telepathically, through word of
voice, reaching out with written word, through
prayer and the powerful sister connection that you
will feel with the thought that we all know now, and
care, and love you !
Love, S

Another letter--

We are not nosy. Just very concerned and ALL want
to be there physically for you. We can't, so. . .you
are in our hearts, our prayers, our thoughts everyday.
Some are still digesting all of this and checking their
own boobies!! Just remember that this is your body,
your mind, you are the one that is going through this.
We are all going through something of our own
because you are our sister, mother, wife, friend.
But in the ultimate end you are it. Remember also
you need to focus your energy on your body.
Questions will come, calls will come, e-mails will
come. You can answer any and/or all in your own
time, your own way.

You have had major crap (for lack of better words
at this time of morn) thrown at you.
You are having to make major decisions that the
rest of us have not had to.
We are not walking in your shoes . . . . but we will
all walk beside you.
I am very proud to say that you are my sister. I
will respect and honor any decision that you make.
I will support you through out. I love you.


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