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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11 Home again home again jiggity jig

Added this at about 12:45 p.m. - I realized I needed to get to the meat of the matter and let you all know the important stuff! (Pun intended) They only had to take one lymph node out and it was 'clean', and after they did "touch slides" of all edges of the excised portion, Dr. R. had to go back in and take a little more off one side. The final pathology report she thought she might have by Friday, and will just call us with that report. Then we'll make the next appointment - either to take more out if needed, or just a post-op visit to plan what is next and to find a radiation oncologist.

It is 9:00 a.m. or so and I'm up and mostly kind of awake. And alert? Probably not. But I'll try to fill in the blanks. I asked Bob to call Sara first, yesterday when we were done, and let her know, then she could put a quick post on the blog, but they weren't quite to the RV park yet and then were going out to see 'Arsenic and Old Lace' later, and so she tried to talk Bob into posting. He said he didn't know how and she would have to do it. I think we (I) need to teach him, yes, Sara? She did get a quick post in, I'm sorry that you all waited for something more. Thank you very much Sara. I love you sweetie pie. I could sure use a hug and a snuggle from you right now. (She heard that and just this minute called me! Thanks again, Sara.

Everything went well - or so I heard. I came home and tried to make a couple of calls with no answer, (they were talking to each other) and got one more call in, lost the signal, and went immediately kerplop asleep. Period. Bob is such a good nurse - he got my medications, water, book, snacks, breakfast this morning, and kept getting up in the night to change the ice pack and to give me more medication (and a snack to go with it). My next door neighbor is now at my beck and call (she just went through this about a year ago), and is giving me lots of good advice about skin help through the radiation. Thanks, Anthea.

Here is where I need to post what I wrote in pre-op while I waited for the next person. I only hope I can retrieve it from the word document file to copy it to this page. SARA????

See next post titled pre-op.

That hospital and the folks working there (Tucson Medical Center) were great! Other than the fact that I had to go to 5 different spots. Each place knew where we needed to be next, and the first place (where they inserted the wire) REALLY told us exactly each place we were going to need to be.
We valet parked our car as per instructions, went into the Outpatient Surgery Center, and there was a shuttle (golf cart) waiting. They drove us across the hospital to Nuclear Medicine for my shot of radioactive isotopes, and then took us back to the Outpatient surgery check in area where we began that trip. I then got to ride in a wheelchair and Bob and my friend Helen had to walk all that way, to the room where I got ready to go into pre-op. (Changed into hospital gown, answered lots of questions, filled out their Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will papers, and also had more blood drawn.) Then again with the wheelchair -- on down to the Women's Surgery center. (I think - could have been the other way round?) At that point they would only let one person come in with me, so Helen got to sit and cool her heels, and hopefully read or something, for about 45 minutes or so till they kicked Bob out of the pre-op area. I had a very nice nurse named CINDY to be Dr. Roeder's surgical nurse, my anesthesiologist (I did not have to spell check that word!!!) who was from Thailand with the most beautiful name that I can't spell at all. I'll try to look it up so you can enjoy it, also. And of course my wonderful Dr. Roeder! The Anesthesiologist said - you look a little nervous - I'm going to give you something to calm you down. I said I'm not nervous - I just didn't get to take my ADD medication this morning, and I just have to keep looking around to see what all is going on. She just played a trick on me, and it was knock out drops - or else that good stuff that gives you amnesia - cuz I don't remember anything after that. Till I kept trying to wake up in recovery. The next wonderful nurse JILL was there to give me ice chips and did I need anything more - I told her - sleep. She said go right ahead. She gave me ice chips when I wanted and took very good care of me. (12:30 p.m. Wed. afternoon JILL just called me to see how I am doing - what a sweetheart!) I don't know exactly how long I was in there, but all of a sudden I was finally awake. Jill helped me dress, Bob was getting the car, and then Jill wheeled me on out to the car, opened the door and helped me in and then even helped with my seatbelt!
What service! We took Helen back to her car, and Bob took me home to bed. He went to get the prescription, and I think somewhere in there I fell asleep, and finally woke completely up this morning at 7 or so. Bob just kept getting up for the ice and the meds and I just slept. I feel very very pampered!
And LUCKY! I need to get this on the site - I've written on it off and on all day long. It's old news by now. And time for bed. Bob is pooped - he didn't get enough sleep last night! Love to you all and to all of you who called - I hope I have been coherent! My friend Helen came over this evening after work for a visit and caught me up on work. Nice to hear about everyone.
More later - sleep calls. Mr. Sandman - you know. Love, Patty : )


At July 12, 2007 at 8:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patty, I'm so glad the surgery is done, and you're home and being taken care of. I hope you'll be up and around soon, but it's okay to fake a little extra exhaustion if it prolongs the pampering!! -Sarah Mulholland


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