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Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28 Vacation over

That stinking stopover in Scottsdale completed our round trip to Pagosa Springs through Santa Fe to see my cousin Martyne and her family (Hi John, and my three buddies Evan, Aaron and Sean) We had a great time playing games with the boys - Evan is a Smith game player for sure. Thanks again for the bed Evan!
We got to the was-Fairfield-now-is-Wyndam resort just after Bob's folks George and Mari had checked us in, and then got unpacked into the units. Soon after that Bob's brother John and wife Val and daughter Elizabeth arrived.
We went out to eat at a great place in the town - I can't even remember the name of the place, but I
loved my Veggie pizza with feta cheese and some kind of oil made by the locals, (made with olive oil, lime, onion, garlic, and allspice!) and my order of 'Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries'. Bob loved them also, and we will be trying to duplicate them at home - without all the oil, of course, so they will be sweet potato 'bakes', then, won't they. Weight Watchers will be happier with me, though, for that concession.
We left the next morning at o'dark thirty for the van trip to Durango to board the train to Silverton, then ate quickly and caught the same van back to the resort and it was a beautiful but very, very long ride and very tiring on the buttocks. Lots of cinders on the clothes and only one in my eye. The girls really liked the free refills of the souvenir cup they purchased, and all of us were really glad to be home again.
I got another round of the two little California girls spending the night with Aunt Patty, (the first night we went 'swimming' in the garden tub in the bathroom) and the second night they stayed up way way too late and poor Cassidy was sick. She said very grammatically correctly " I don't feel so well." We had quite a time trying to figure out what would help her tummy get better. Saltines? Tea? Apricot dipped in hot water? (Her idea) Did Uncle Bob have anything? I looked for Tums or something - no luck. Did we have juice? Did we have milk? I finally found cottage cheese in Great Grandmother's refrigerator and was trying to see if that would work if I squished it and heated it with water to make hot milk? (I was desperate.) I suddenly remembered -- I did have milk! I had a box of powdered dry milk. Yum. We made it, heated it and then I flavored it with the tiniest of chocolate flavor and she drank it in 30 seconds (she wanted me to time her) and then she was just fine - went in and re brushed her teeth, and crawled into bed. Before I finished brushing my teeth, she was sound asleep. Only about an hour or hour and a half later that she was supposed to be - but please don't tell her Nana. You didn't read that here, Mary - she did get a good night of rest and sleep.
Bob and I got up early to get packed to leave, but that didn't happen early, (you all knew that didn't you). We did however drive from Pagosa Springs on south of Flagstaff and stayed in Camp Verde,so we got a big head start on the drive for the next day. After our free continental breakfast at the hotel, we were up for the drive on into Scottsdale. You all know that story.
What a whirlwind 'vacation'! Not. I went to work the next three days, and now I want to sit down for awhile.
Thanks for all the support and good thoughts and wishes for the biopsy-that-never-happened.
A friend told me it was all of you wishing me well that made what ever those spots were, disappear. Thanks to all of you! Love, Patty


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