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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20 One Week to Go!

The countdown continues! Yey!
Bob and I will be in Scottsdale one week from today - in the SMIL (Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Ltd.) office waiting room. They called me the other day to get information (Height, weight, claustrophobic, can be on stomach for hours?) and I finally got to ask someone what exactly does the MRI biopsy entail? Sounds like basically it will be a core needle biopsy but they keep pulling you out of the machine to see if the needle is in the right place. Must be a plastic needle (forgot to ask that). At any rate it takes a long while, as you get put in, find the spot, pull out, place the needle, put in, see if the needle is in the correct place, pull out, take the specimen, then do it all over again -- I didn't ask - twice on the same spot, or not. Certainly again for the second spot. In, out, in, out. It is a VERY good thing that I am lying face down and can't see anything but my hands and the floor basically. They had to put earplugs in my ears under the sound deadening headphones with the soothing piano music I chose to listen to, so I could hear the piano music. It is very loud in there.

The new news is that all things being equal, and nothing new and/or unforseen is found in this biopsy, we have a tentative surgery date for a lumpectomy on July 10. This is the first date the Dr. has after coming back off vacation. The office nurse, Mary, has been awesome in answering questions for me. When I get information, I need to then think it over for a while, and then I always seem to come up with a new batch of questions.
That office is so wonderful, I am so lucky that I was able to get in to see my favorite surgeon again. I feel lucky in so many ways, and to get the surgeon who first operated on my left breast (wasn't that a movie?) (Oh yeah, it was 'My Left Foot') to do this surgery just seems a great omen of good things to come.
Thanks Dr. Roeder, Mary, Brenda, Germa, and probably some others I've let my pea-brain-off-HRT forget. I love you all. You are all so awesome, helpful, kind, understanding, thoughtful, insightful, and all around nice. I totally totally appreciate you all. Love, Patty


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