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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12 BRACA1 and BRACA2

Well - I got a call this morning that the insurance will cover 60% of the cost of the blood test, after I pay the deductible of $1000. That brings it to $1800 and something. I rushed over and they drew the blood and it will be sent off in the morning - I think I remember that there is only one place in the country that does this testing. They will only do 60% because it is "out of network".
I just made a newbie phlebotomist smile this afternoon. I saw the eye contact and the eyebrow lift and the head come'ere nod from the gloving up woman, and looked over to the other woman who was just sitting there, looking kind of nervous. I said - "Do you want to do this stick?" She shrugged. I said "Are you new at this?" A nod yes. "I have a good vein and I'm nice and I was a practice vein for a friend when she was practicing her blood draws." She brightened and got up and came over, and when the other one got out the butterfly blood-letter-outer thingy I was relieved, because I realized that I didn't know if this was her first ever draw or what!! The butterfly thingy has a much smaller needle and doesn't/didn't hurt as much going in. She did great! And I told her so. And she smiled. She didn't hurt me and it was over quickly and I don't think there will be even the littlest bruise. Yea her. Yea butterfly thingys (what are those thingys called?)
Jessica Ray the Genetic Counselor, will send off the precious stuff to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning, then we will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks -- why oh why is that - do they have to grow this stuff as they do when you get an amniocentesis?


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