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Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31 Some more sisterly loving

Thursday, May 31, 2007 11:31:44 AM

"Yes, you most certainly can use it [my letter].
If what I say can help someone else process and
cope and vice versa, by all means use it.

"I do think that attitude has a lot to do with a
person's ability to "handle" something like
this - or anything for that matter. Our parents
taught us a lot in that respect. You just do
what you have to do and go on. Not to say
that it isn't or won't be hard, just that the
attitude that one takes makes a difference.

"You have a HUGE support system. Good grief!
Look at the number of your clients who I know
would do anything for you that are right there
at your beck and call. Don't be afraid to ask
someone to do something for you. And then
you have your long distance cheering section
scattered practically to the four corners of the
states and back. And don't forget to ask us to
do for you too. We all will in a heartbeat.

"I know you are being bombarded with
information and STUFF right now, but my offer
of my old boss still stands....I even talked to
her last week when I went to the Plaza for
something. She asked how you were doing
and let me know again that she'd be happy
to talk with you if you ever want/need
someone else to talk to.


Dear X- this letter means a lot to me and I thank you
from the bottom of my heart. I know this is
hard - I still don't know if I'm in shock, denial,
or just "handling it well". I certainly have my
moments - when someone gives me just the
littlest too much sympathy, or when I'm so worn
down and tired of all the arrangements and phone
calls I am having to make.
[SIDEBAR thank you so much Sally for finding
all that information for me and my doctor!]
There should be a special liaison person appointed
by the diagnosing doctor person to take care of all
of those details! Maybe that is my next job. Hmmm
Finding and then trying to call and make an
appointment with the: Radiation Oncologist, Breast
Surgeon, Oncologist, Genetic Counselor, Plastic
Surgeon,and be sure to bring all your Mammogram
films and copies of the pathology results, and the
Biopsy pathology results. And the results from all
your old biopsies, too.
Then arrange to get all the MRI results and reports
and CDs and Pathology results, and keep the
Primary Care Doctor in the loop, and find a new
Gynecologist because you've just been using your
primary doctor for that, but maybe it is time again.
Warning - Rant alert. (you thought the above already
was, didn't you?)
And, furthermore, the Darn Plastic Surgeons don't
want to do anything for the amount of money the
insurance company is willing to pay them - because
if they take that amount of money - it will cut into
the time allotted for the cash carrying and paying
fold. To take the measly offerings that the
insurance company deems reasonable and usual
is not what they want to get used to. Of course
the insurance payment is not going to be
anywhere near what they can get from that cash
only, and in advance please, patient! I'm just
frustrated and I haven't even started the real
Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you for your
support and love and I please know that I have
all of you under my heart - (which will soon be
closer to the surface than it used to be!)
HEE HEE. ; ) Much love, Patty


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