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Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28 No Biopsy!!!

The SMIL (Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Ltd.) folks couldn't find the spots that they saw 5 (five!) weeks ago, so they couldn't do a biopsy on something they couldn't find. They couldn't figure out why I was crying and not just happy. I was crying because I was so very frustrated that we have wasted so much time waiting for this stinking appointment, and it was all for nothing.
These were new people, at a different location, and didn't realize there was already a biopsy confirmed cancer in the other breast. They thought that I should realize that this was a good thing. And so it was, really, and I am a little more aware of that this morning, but right then I was still so frustrated and mad because they couldn't even tell us the exit number of the street they told us to take, because "I don't know, I don't drive on that road." I was freaking out that we would be late, but, we did make it with about 3 minutes to spare, after turning around, going back about 4 miles (we were almost to the right road) and then stopping at a book store that isn't Barnes and Noble but begins with a B (I just can't think of the name this instant). Those folks were very nice and we looked at their maps and found the street, finally, and someone in the store actually knew that it was just a few more miles south. we went again.
SMIL has so many people coming to several different clinics, from so many different places in the state, I personally think it is unconscionable that they don't have a written dialog of directions including exit numbers from the freeways
for the streets that they tell you to take, so when someone on the phone asks, the directions can be easily accessed and read off the the patient. Someone coming to an MRI clinic is obviously not coming for the kicks and fun of it, so the least they could do is to try to make their journey a little easier. Please. OK, I'm stepping down. For now. So we came on home.

And I just decided that I'm going to send a copy of this to the SMIL folks, even though I wrote most of it on the form you fill out after your appointment. So there. I also told them that for a price, I would be happy to write clear and concise directions that anyone could follow. (Yes I can! I'll just need to edit and edit!) : ) Happy Days! Patty


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