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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 21 Visitors From Kansas and Randomness

I just had a great visit (way too short, though) from my best friend in college, Donnie and husband Mike from Olathe, Kansas. (Oops! Strike that, to read Ottowa, a bit further south.) They arrived Sunday the 10th and left Tuesday morning the 12th.
Donnie was the Matron of Honor at our wedding, and I was the Maid of Honor at their wedding - the hottest day in Kansas, EVER! It melted the candles at the alter so that they just leaned over, then curled over and melted wax all over the floor and Donnie's cute little brother, Joey, climbed over the railing and straightened them upright again. It truly was hot hot hot. I think it set a record for that day. it was in the summer (I had a tan!) (sorrycantrememberthedate) of 1979, I think. I was going to UofA and flew back for the beautiful and fun time. Edited to add after speaking to Donnie tonight - June 27, 1980.
Visit their orchard and winery website here:
and see where I've visited many times, and where Sally and family have gone to get Halloween pumpkins and go on a hayride many times.
We spent a day at the Desert Museum and I was POOPED from all that walking. I hadn't walked that much since way before my foot surgery. We were hurrying at the end, so we could rush over to Old Tucson, and got there at 4:30, to find that they closed at 4:00. Darn, and sorry Mike. We (without Bob) ate at El Charro's restaurant downtown, and so all of you who have visited me from out of town know those are the two places I take everyone, if they have just a very short time. We met Bob the next evening at Buddy's Grill which is our other favorite place. I haven't been out to the orchard for a few years, and hope to visit them and all the other Kansas friends in August after the family reunion in Garden City, Kansas. We had a wonderful time catching up, and them laughing at my gnashing and weeping and trials and tribulations of raising a teenager. Their daughter, Landi, who was 7 years old as my flower girl 21 years ago tomorrow, has a 5 year old of her own, now. It will all come out in the wash. I think. I hope. I pray. She (Landi) is doing great.

Thanks for wading through all these posts, I know I have been pretty sporadic. And Random.
Here is some more random. HAIR! I haven't kept you apprised of my hair! I left it grey so Donnie and Mike could see and make fun (they didn't!) and then tinted it on Wednesday after they left on Tuesday morning. We were always going to go for the funky fun colors, and so we applied, timed, shampooed off, and I looked in the mirror and said, "I love it!" It was the most beautiful shade of orange copper red. Then about 30 seconds later, I said with horror - "I have to go to Granddad's funeral on Saturday, I can't have this hair color there!" So, we immediately applied another round of a color to try to neutralize that. It was better, but on Friday, we once again colored it to get rid of some more of the orange. It looks like me, now, and I am so glad my hair has finally begun to grow in the correct color!
Now, I haven't ever told you about my fingernails, either. They ended up with dark and then pink bands on them from each chemotherapy. They were ridged along with the off color (Hee hee, I said off-color) and I had to buff out the ridges pretty often. They also seemed to be pretty weak at those spots, so I was always having to file broken nails. I think if I filed them off incredibly short right now, the 'funny' would almost be all gone. Almost.
My toenails didn't seem to be affected, but I heard all sorts of stories that peoples nails turned black and fell off. I'm certainly glad that didn't happen to me.
You all are probably wondering how I am getting this time on the computer! Sara is out of school for Rodeo (don't ask - we are the only ones in the world - but it is a big deal here) and is currently at Golf and Stuff with a new friend she met at Target with me the other day. He is a friend of a school friend from French class last year, and may be the salvation of our computers!
He thinks (Sara says) he can fix her laptop, and can also bang on this beast to make sure it doesn't go wonky all the time. He works for food and minimum $, he says. Yay for computer geeks! Love ya lots. Patty : )


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