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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 10, 10:55 a.m. waiting and writing in pre-op

Here I am, waiting in pre-op and just thought of trying to write a post, but we’re not on line. So I’m trying a word document and someone will have to help me transfer it over.
OK, first, guys – I had it all wrong. We went to the Mammogram place where they were to place the wire. They had me lie stomach down on the famous table with the hole in the middle for the aforementioned booby to drop/hang/fall through. Then they did the mammo squeeze and betadine smeared, then lidocane injected so THEN a very thin wire could be inserted in to the spot where Dr. R. will be excising. Just before the inserting of the wire, the radiologist injected the ‘blue dye’ just into the area of the cancer. That was the dye that I thought was going to be inserted through a milk duct. This dye will show Dr. Roeder where the cancer is, in case the wire gets dislodged from that spot.
We then drove over to the out patient surgery site and left the car, then they drove us on the golf cart over to Nuc Med. They injected more lidocane into a different spot and injected the radioactive isotopes just under the skin “into the fatty tissue” so it could begin percolating into the lymph system. The technician said there were small particles (I said "Dirt?" And she said with a grin – "particles".) in the injection so it/they would activate the system to know that there was an invader and it needed to get to work and begin pulling the radiation into the nodes. The Dr. will then later use a ‘Geiger counter’ type thing to see which node to begin excising. The one that clicks the most gets to be the first one cut out. gotta go - Drs. coming at me.


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