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Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12 Sore & achy but great! (Plus other stuff)

This morning in an e-mail I told my neice Dynette that I had a sore 'leftit' - who knows that joke? ............ One surveyor asking the other in sign language across the long stretch - "Where is the hammer?" "Eye (pointing to each body part) left tit behind (or in the rear)." Hee hee, sorry for the bad humor but I had to since it is. the left. it. ; )

Last night Bob and I both slept the sleep of the dead or the righteous or something - Bob was asleep before I even made it back into the bedroom after telling a very wide awake and chatty Sara (Hi Sara!) we just had to go to bed. I awakened at 8:30, giving me about 10 hours of sleep. My right eye was so swollen - almost shut - from lying on my right side for so long - I thought something was wrong and I was going blind! Bizarre.
Bob was long gone to work, had made my breakfast shake and put it into the fridge, and the house is quiet.
(Yesterday, 'Benny and the Jets' came to do the yard work [blowing the leaves and raking the grave] and they were pretty noisy out there with their gas powered blowers.) The wonderful landscaping guy is named Benito, and called Benny, and Sara and I began calling him and his crew - Benny and the Jets. It makes me smile.

Just got off the phone with Mary Jane and it was a surprise to her that Sara would very soon be arriving in Olympia. The last we've heard, Bob's folks will be dropping her off at Uncle Dr. John's house on Saturday (time - TBA and unknown to me).
All the summer plans for Sara with her grandparents to travel leisurely from the family reunion in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and wend their way up to Seattle to drop Sara off at 'Uncle Dr. John's Camp Vet', have been thrown into turmoil by the need for Bob's dad to get to Seattle as soon as possible. They found a problem while still in Colorado - just a couple days out from the reunion, and have been on a sped up time line ever since. They need a doctor to do a lung biopsy in Seattle - and first he needs to be referred by a primary, which they don't have there. He can't get to point B without point A, and no way will they let him get to point C without point B. He needs to get to point C as soon as possible. Anyone out there with ideas - I think they are open for some suggestions for good doctors. A nephew in Seattle and a sister-in-law have given suggestions, but even more input may be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Sara is very anxious to see everyone in Seattle. She LOVES seeing her cousins and aunts and uncles. Kaylene heard about what we've been calling 'Camp Vet' and that Sara was finally going to come for it, and asked Sara if she could come for 'Stay at Home Mom Camp' for awhile, too. Of course, Sara will be there in a heartbeat!
She has been excited about this happening for about 3 years, now. It is finally here! I hope she likes it. She thinks she wants to be a veterinarian and so this is the summer she gets to see some of what it is about. She knows she will only get to clean cages and play (exercise) with the dogs and cats, and other grunt work (maybe she doesn't know all that!?) but she is hoping she also gets to at least see some more exciting stuff. I don't know if she will be allowed to watch a surgery or not - but I think that she would like that, too.
Make her work for her keep, guys! Aunt Lori says she has an office to move at school, if they ever get it finished. Uncle Dr. John sounds as though he needs some help with a door or more - she loves helping her dad with new projects - 'need more input'. I know she will have a blast. Maybe this is the start of her "Summers with Grandpa Smith" that Ron had for so long. No, I'm not threatening, John and Lori - I just hope she has such a good time up there that she really does continue to want to do Vet School. She knows also all about the buckling down and getting only A's in high school, and college as there is sooo much competition for the few spots there are in the few Vet Med Schools there are.
She has talked about wanting to go to Kansas State University, as it is my Alma Mater, and it is also where Uncle Dr. John got his DVM degree, but Colorado and Grand dad L. thinks that Washington both have reciprocity with Arizona, which would help a huge amount when it comes to paying to tuition bills!
Anyway "we three" are very excited about this opportunity. I think it is probably a good thing for her to be gone from my 'stuff' right now, and she misses us. Here she is right in the middle of Grand dad's 'stuff'. I think we will all be happy to have this summer over.
Love to you all - stay well and do those checks, everyone. Patty : )


At July 12, 2007 at 1:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At July 12, 2007 at 9:24 PM , Anonymous Kaylene said...

Owen has big plans for cousin Sara. I hope she likes water balloons! We can't wait to see her. Thanks for sharing your sweet daughter with us.

Love, Kaylene
Founder/Camp Cook/Social Director/Driver
Stay-at-Home Mom Camp

At July 13, 2007 at 7:44 PM , Blogger RonnieCat said...

Mom - if I went to KSU, don't you remember? I've been sorta planning to go to community college for 2 years to get residency first, so it would be cheaper. I suppose that plan would work anywhere else as well.

I like water balloons - should I make sure to wear something I don't mind getting soaked in tomorrow? Lol....

Love you momma and can't wait to see you Kaylene etc.!


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