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Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug 20 Blithering about my 'PioneerWoman'

I just saw an awesome blackberry cobbler recipe on a web site that I have come across called and now I want cobbler and ice cream.

Some of you might also enjoy looking at her main site --

They are cattle ranchers in
Oklahoma and she photographs everything - beautifully. EVERYTHING! I think it is a hoot, and I've seen more pictures of cows being pregnancy tested than I ever dreamed was possible. This woman home schools her kids, and they all help with the cattle and chores. They take care of wild mustangs for the government.
She is a city girl and her husband says if he had wanted a girl
who could ride and rope, he would have married one. She does ride, and help with chores, except working the cattle around the corrals etc... It is a very interesting site to visit. She is ornery and loves her family very much and is interested in her genealogy, and that of her husband's family.

Take a look at her cooking site,
anyway. She has some good looking just plain meat and potatoes kind of recipes, and some 'Chick Food' (no meat)

Like I said, she is funny and irreverent, and ornery and makes yummy looking food and takes absolutely beautiful photos of it, and her recipes are so step by step simple sounding that I think anyone could make any of these things. Enjoy. Sorry for such a plug, but I really really like her site.

Have fun reading. Love, Patty : )


At August 22, 2007 at 3:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pioneer Woman is very funny. A friend told me about this same lady and web site a week ago and was raving about her humor and the artistic photos. She's famous!

Love you. Carol


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