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Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug 20 Dr. Shapiro visit (foot)

Just got back from the Dr and he says there is only about a mm. left to heal closed and that he hopes the foot will be completely closed up by my next visit on Thursday. Hope so. It does look better than it did a week ago. I kept trying to tell him what it looked like: sunken in, no, a pot hole, no, a sink hole,Yes!! He was not amused. But it did.

brain can't think of all my good words, anymore. It's a sad thing. My brain. Off HRT. On 54 Years of overuse (hee hee) and counting.

I haven't done a blog entry for days, sorry. I never can get going from Thursday till Monday anyway, it seems, then it takes me forever to type it in and get it just right. Then I have to go back and reread it and then add more to it to make sure everyone can understand what the heck I'm talking about. I have to post it on the site first, so I can go look at it on the site to see what it looks like there. (I'm very visual and can't imagine what it is going to look like.) Then I reread it there, catch the mistakes I didn't catch earlier, and then go back to the editing site, to make something more clear, all the while reposting it each time.

(I always wonder if someone
is reading it as I am making corrections on it and does it disappear and reappear right before their eyes. Has this happened to anyone? Or, I think probably you just get to read it the way you have downloaded it, and don't realize that I have made any changes.)

I just had an opportune visit from an ex-cleaning lady - probably the only one in the whole universe who wouldn't just throw her hands up in the air and run far, far away, as fast as she could. She has even agreed to come back and clean for me. I let her go last year, but now I really need someone to come help me dig out. It's bad. Paper is taking over my life -- and stuff -- stuff is coming out of our pores and I hate it.

Sara has her entire bedroom in our living room, in our 'dining area', in our 'den' (eating end of the kitchen) and in our bedroom. And in the hallway. And out on the patio. She and Bob and another friend (Nathan) from her Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry class went out, bought paint and began painting on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Bob and Sara painted for a little while till we had to get ready for a party. She is having a good time painting. They are painting two walls with a 'sponge split-roller', with Globe Artichoke Green and Oregon Trail Brown both in eggshell by Olympic Paints from Lowes. It is looking pretty kinda strange and wonderful all at the same time. Green and brown and all muckeldy dun all together.

(I can't figure out how to spell that word. My first boss Elsie used to use this phrase all the time. It means all spotty and kind of a drab and icky color, I thought. muck el dy ? muckeldy dun as in a horse color, I always thought is what she meant. Any ideas?)

They also ordered a beautiful wall mural for one wall. It is of a forest, woods, whatever all you guys living where it is green and treesy, call all those green trees all in a bunch, and a waterfall cascading down into the river (?) running through the forest. It sounds like the kind of poster Bob always wants to have in his office so he can look at it to relax and chill out, and focus. It is very soothing to look at all the green. I don't know if it is that way for those of you that live with the green all the time.

A week from today, I hope I finally get to begin my chemo. My plan is that the chemo and then the radiation are not going to faze me at all. I'm going to look for some kind of marker or paint so that after I lose my hair, everyone at work, (clients and co-workers) can draw pictures on my head, or at the very least - sign it! I need something that will wash off every day? or at least every other day. Ideas anyone? I just don't want to wear a wig - I remember Sherry and the itchyness of it that she hated so much. Maybe I could wear a scarf, maybe nothing. (On my head!) Maybe a gypsy looking scarf with sequins and baubles or whatever, I don't know.

You know how much I love Halloween and dressing up in my witches costume. (Uh oh,- I'll be bald for Halloween and my witch costume.) Anyway, I just want to have fun with my bald head so no one is freaked out about it. Because I'm not. I've always wanted to see what I look like bald. Maybe I'll see if my friend Helen can draw a 'world' on it. : ) : ) I also like the tattoo of the 'Number One' person on Star Trek from the last series with the woman commander (Katherine?) (how soon we forget) that he has on his temple. Maybe I can have that somewhere on my head. Or, one Halloween at Great Lengths, I was one of the aliens who had these freckle looking brown spots going over their heads then down the back of the neck. They were pretty cute, too. Of course, I'll need to have a pink ribbon painted/drawn/glued on it somewhere every day. Find the pink ribbon on Patty's head.

I feel another contest coming on. Suggestions for head decorations, paint, marker, or gluing on sequins or what ever other ideas you can think of. Oh yes. Bring them on. I glued tissue paper onto paper mache-ed balloons to make globes for the Tucson Girls Chorus a few summers ago. I still have lots of the tissue paper left. That could be worked in somewhere.

OK, OK, OK, c
an you say long-winded, anyone? Love ya, love ya, love ya, Patty : )


At August 21, 2007 at 1:05 PM , Blogger dotnroger said...

fughdwFirst, you MUST have a garland of tiny flowers painted around the perimeter of your head. I was once at a wedding where the bride had the loveliest just such garland - the tiny flowers sprayed out all over - hers had to be real but just think what I could do with my paint brush - oh, I do wish I could be there. Inside the garland area (all around the crown) people could sign, draw, color - it'll be wonderful. As for the medium, go with Sharpies - buy them in all colors so everyone will have a choice. Even so, it'll wash off before you would like.

Are you working yet or still mostly "off your foot"?

Sara's new b/r sounds interesting. Are they designing as they go or is there a master plan?

Sounds like whatever is in store for the next however many months, you'll have fun with it - that's my Patty. Please always know that I am with you in heart, mind and spirit - you're always in my prayers.

Hugs to all, Dot


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