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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aug 14 New foot problem

As you have read, I will begin chemo on Monday the 27th as I was finally convinced that it would behoove me to wait until my foot was completely and totally healed before I subjected my body to another hardship.
Here is the scoop: Sunday night at the end of my shower, I looked down and there was blood on the floor. I never did figure out exactly where the blood was coming from (the incision, or the chunk of skin that came off with the last stitch), but I cleaned it and re-bandaged it well, with lots of steri-strips and re-wrapped the whole foot so nothing could move, and called it good.
I called the Dr.-who-is-the-boss-of-me, and asked what I should do. He didn't say that it would be a bad thing to go ahead with the chemo, but he seemed to know that it would make my life easier if I didn't just then. He told me to just call the office in the morning and reschedule. So I did.
This morning, (Tuesday) I unwrapped the foot to see how well it was doing and ............... the incision had opened. My Dr. is in Philadelphia, conferencing) and so Dr. H. is taking care of his patients while he is away. I'm just home from that visit, and they pretty much said -- "these things just happen sometimes", and since my skin is pretty thin (he didn't say it, I did - "You mean I'm old") it heals not as well as maybe it used to.
Ones feet do take a very long time to heal, since the circulation is not as strong as it is nearer your heart. So.......Time heals all wounds. I hope. Soon.
My Dr. Shapiro will be back home from his conference on Monday the 20th, and I already had an appointment scheduled with him then, so we'll see what time has wrought.
Bob has an in-town training seminar next week, and that is why I'm waiting that one extra week to begin the chemo. It will all come out in the wash eventually.
Peace and long life. Love, Patty : ) OXOXOXOXO


At August 14, 2007 at 9:06 PM , Blogger dotnroger said...

Your foot problems reminded me of an episode I had when Tinker, our Himalayan cat was declawed. We were living near you on Riverbend and I brought her home after the surgery, all bandaged, with instructions to keep her calm and off her feet. I opened the door to her carrier and she took out like a bolt of lightening running all over my white carpet - of course, the bandages came off and she was pouring blood everywhere. I got her back to the vet who rebandaged her paws and she was very calm when we returned home. She's 91 (human years) now and still doing fine-the moral of the story is, of course, that you too will probably heal and live a very long life.

However, I truly am sorry for your setback and pray that you heal quickly and can get on with the important business. Otherwise, Valentine's Day may be here before you're ready.

Meanwhile, don't forget I love you.

Hugs, Dot


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