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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31 I'm awake but not up, yet!

Foot surgery went well - didn't take long, and I seem to be doing OK. Dr. Shapiro called today to ask how I was doing, and that he would see me on
Thursday for a bandage change and check everything.
I'm staying off of it, with my foot up, taking pain medication (didn't even have to get a new script - using leftovers from the lumpectomy) and wrapping with ice packs, and so now it feels fine. The worst part that is visible right now, is my IV site. Pretty bruised! It doesn't hurt, just looks bad.
We are still waiting to hear from Bob's folks about his diagnosis - they still don't know. Weird. They know it is Stage 4 something. They just told us they are going to quit testing - they can't figure it out - they will just begin treating. They will be trying holistic methods for awhile to see if that will help.
Love to all of you - Please take care of yourselves. Patty : )


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