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Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21 Long, Long Saturday

I got home way too late for a 'school night' after the movie last night, and so I didn't get as much sleep as I really wanted to (or needed to) for my Saturday at work.
Unfortunately, ever since I've changed salons to my new one very close to the house, I cannot seem to be on time in the morning! (I've started telling people that I live 7 minutes away, but I only allow 5 minutes to get to work.) It is a problem.
This morning, however - something else was in the air. I set my alarm(s) and heard them all. I fell back asleep, but then Bob thankfully called me from his hike, and got me fully awake. I still had lots of time according to the clocks I saw -- up until I put my watch on as the last thing before leaving the bedroom. The electricity had burped enough times that the clocks were all in different time zones. My watch time was correct, thankfully, but according to the bathroom clock, which I had been watching up to then, I had mucho tiempo left before I needed to leave. But oh, no, this was the day the battery in the bathroom clock started to fail. It ended up funny, thankfully, but Good Grief!
Maybe I should begin leaving earlier for work, you say? Maybe you are right, I say. I wish I would.
I had only two clients today, but they were both long services, and so I think after cleaning up and taking out recycling, I got home at 5:00 (?) or so. I'm bushed. My stand up all day muscles and bones forgot a little what it feels like. I am a little more sore than I thought I would be - the lymph node type place and the chest type place. Hm-m-m-m. Must. Rest. Now.
But then Harry Potter was waiting for me when I got home. : ) : ) We called Sara a little later to make sure she wasn't trying to buy it in Washington, but not to worry, my girl after my own heart had already finished Matt's copy. (Thanks Matt.) Kaylene finally did have to tell her that it was rude to stay in the car and continue reading after they had arrived at Uncle Dr. John's house! So she did go inside to finish the book.
I'm not quite there yet. (chapter 3 or 4?) But I hope I can get it all read this weekend (that includes Monday for me). Wish me luck!
So now bedtime is calling my name. All my love to youse guys. (that's Baltimore talk) (see above re: HAIRSPRAY) : ) : )
Love to all of you. Patty : )


At July 22, 2007 at 8:51 PM , Blogger RonnieCat said...

ooo now you have to call me and we have to talk about the last-thing-you-would-expect-to-happen's that you've run into so far! (most of them are sad, unfortunately....)

At July 23, 2007 at 8:14 AM , Blogger dotnroger said...

I notice you still only have a temporary name for your blogs. I thought of a name some time ago (before I learned how to access a blog). How about "mammie grams" as in "everyone be sure you get your mammies grammed this year"

The Kid's Art Camp was cancelled this week (the 4th week). Only 11 kids had enrolled. I'm thrilled. Our gospel meeting is in progress and we meet at 7 each AM for a short inspirational message and at 7pm for the service. If I were still teaching I would have to miss the evening service as I came home every day exhausted. We plan to go to Tennessee next week - first to Jill's and then she and the girls will go with us to Nashville to visit with my 92 year old aunt who is in great condition and spirits, and a couple of cousins that I still have there.

Have you heard from George? -- we haven't heard anything in over a week and of course, are very anxious to hear something.

Many hugs to you and Bob - keep getting better. Love you heaps, Dot and Roger


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