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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17 The 'Roast Beef' Neuroma

Another outing today, to the podiatrist. I've developed another neuroma on my left foot - between the 'Roast Beef' and the this little piggie had 'None' toes. I had a MRI on it before all this began to happen, and they said it looked like another neuroma, but I guess it felt enough different from the other two, that I didn't recognize it. Anyway 2 months ago I had an injection of steroids - prednisone or whatever it is. The toe again began being unbearable to walk on again, and I called Dr. Shapiro yesterday and they had me in today for another injection. I hope this one works. If it doesn't "hold", I'll get to have another neuroma removed. What Joy.
I ran another quick errand on down that street, and then I was only a block away from my old salon. I went in to say Hi and to see if my friend Tanya had any time soon for a pedicure. Someone had canceled and I got my toesies worked on about 15 minutes later!! Good thing - the lidocaine hadn't worn off yet, so she could work away on my feet, without hurting that spot. Now I have bee - u - tee - full bright red toenails and I feel so good. Yay!! Then I went home to rest.
Sara called and told us about her stay in the yurt with Kaylene and Owen, and is just having the time of her life. Less than one month left before school starts. She'll be with Kaylene the rest of this week, then it's off to Uncle Dr. John and scooping poop at the clinic.
She is sooo excited about this summer. Hi there my darling daughter! Miss you. Love love love to all of you. Patty : )


At July 18, 2007 at 8:56 PM , Blogger RonnieCat said...

Your poor toes momma!


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