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Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16 Pathology Report

I had my first outing today - put real clothes on and everything. I went to Dr. Roeder's office this morning to pick up the pathology report. My plan was to ask if I could call the next doctors to make the appointments, (you know - to hurry things along a little bit faster) and the nurse, Mary, told me I had to chill and wait until after my appointment with Dr. Roeder. I said - "I don't have an appointment with Dr. Roeder." Well, yes, I did, but they had forgotten to tell me about it or when it was. It is next Wednesday, the 25th. So, after being released from her, I'll finally get to go see the the two new doctors - Dr. Brooks, the medical oncologist, and Dr. Croghan, the radiation oncologist. (I will be getting tattoos, I hear.) I'll have to wait to tell you more about the pathology report - I can't understand much more that the node negative and margins negative stuff that she told me earlier. We again are still awaiting the results of the estrogen receptor question.
Now it's bedtime - we've been staying up late talking to Bob's folks, but they didn't call tonight. George was to go to the Dr. in Seattle, today, and we haven't heard anything all day. I'm hoping no news is good news. They were very wiped out by the time they made it to Seattle. They shaved 2 weeks off of the planned schedule by the time Sara got added, then the Dr. in Washington was needed ASAP, so they had been doing some hard driving. They are both very tired, and need a good rest.
Hope all is well with all of you all, With love to everyone. Patty : )


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