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Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15 More sloth and fruit and friends

We've been watching movies some more, and eating on the fruit basket and just generally being lazy couch potatoes. I'm going to go get the pathology report from the Dr. tomorrow.
Our friends Connie and Charlie came over with burritos and chips and salsa for lunch for us (and enough for another lunch or two!) and sat and ate with us, which was a very nice intermission for us.
Nice lazy day - it's very very hot here, and it is beginning the moisture buildup to the humidity that starts the 'monsoons' here. I know they are not truly monsoons, but that is what we here in Tucson call them. It is when the hard rain fills those dry riverbeds with the bridges over the top, and floods the dry washes that have the signs that say "Do Not Enter When Flooded". Out-of-towners think it is a joke, but it is always some idiot that lives here that does the stupid thing and tries to drive through it and then gets stranded and/or washed away. We now have a 'Stupid Motorist Law' so we can charge those idiots for some of the cost of the rescue. I think the fine is $2000.00 now. Plus the humiliation of having your picture on TV or in the paper as the moron who thought that sign didn't mean HIM!
(Quietly stepping down now from box, now.)
The fruit is going away - and so I'm going to have some more of it. We'll see what manana brings. (That's an en-yay for that first 'n' there.) Ya'll know what I mean. Mucho amor and muchas gracias, amigos! Patty. ; )


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