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Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19 Healing away

Hey - by the way - I'm healing quite nicely. The lymph node incision has been the bugaboo for me, and I'm hearing from others that it is the sorest spot. My friend Chris said - Patty - all those other nodes right there in the same area are working very hard at cleaning up all the junk the doctor created from the surgery. (I paraphrased a little there, Chris.)
My next door neighbor
also told me it really was OK if I still hurt, to continue to take the pain medication. I had quit, thinking the hurt wasn't too terrible, but I was having a desperate time trying to go to sleep, and then stay asleep at night.
When I would lie on my left side, my entire body weight would then be right on the incision site and it hurt very much. I then tried lying on my right side, with my body pillow trying to keep the arm kind of 'up in the air', but that left arm weighed about 100 pounds and so that hurt just about as badly. I ended up waking up often - and almost always on my back. That was not good on the sore back, either.
The pain has finally settled down, and it is pretty much just plain tender and lumpy at the node site scar, and it all isn't nearly as hurtful as it had been. Healing away, as I said.
Thanks again for all the wonderful messages, and thoughts and prayers and hopes. Patty : )


At July 22, 2007 at 8:42 PM , Blogger RonnieCat said...

I love you momma! You better be taking Anthea's advice, and if you wont take the prescription at least take ibuprofen, like i did with my ears - or you could cut them up like i did with my ears if you dont need them as strong! love you, miss you, tell my baby girls hello from me!


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