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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24 Tomorrow afternoon -- Dr. Roeder appt.

I think this appointment with Dr. Roeder is just the usual post-op check up, but I will take this opportunity to ask a few more questions about what is happening - with the other docs, and with my 'mammie' (Aunt Dot ;) ) and to explain to them 'Why Patty Has Called The Office So Many Gol Durned Times and Asked So Many Questions'.
I realized just a few days ago, that I had never gotten to talk to the doctor about what exactly to expect with a lumpectomy, as I had not made a decision as to what was going to happen when I last saw Dr Roeder. That decision was to be made after 'The biopsy in Scottsdale', which, as you remember, Never Did Happen. So, at any rate, I had all these questions that never were addressed by the doctor herself! So now, I forgive myself for being a impatient pest.
Bob's Aunt Dot suggested a new name for the blog - and I like it -- how about "Patty's Mammie Grams"
"as in "everyone be sure you get your mammies grammed this year"
Sara -are you able to change it for me? How does every one else like that name? Should we vote?
Sara , I also noticed I had a guest signature from Dawn L. which subsequently disappeared, David said he signed and I don't see it and Joyce's last one burped and it came up again. Do we know how to fix these things? Grandad is still waiting for his dreambook guest book to be set up. Can you do it from there?
All is well here - wet and cooler - thank goodness. It is a nasty 50% humidity in the house tonight, though. Glad I'm not living where it is really humid.
Love, Love, Love, Patty Lou


At July 25, 2007 at 7:43 PM , Blogger RonnieCat said...

huh, no i dont know how to fix that. dawns signature went away? i noticed it...


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