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Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26 Dr. Croghan the Rad Onc

We had the appointment with Dr. Croghan this morning. She seems like she will be a great addition to our team. We had a good meeting and she explained everything that will happen when we do start radiation.
Before the radiation begins, however, we have to go see Dr. Robert Brooks, (my friend Rita was treated by Dr. Donald Brooks - way up on the northwest side of Tucson.) (Having the same last name seemed like a good omen as we both really liked him so much.)
Dr. Brooks will be working with me with all my chemicals, and I will have to finish all of his treatment before I do start the radiation. Dr. Croghan tells me that she probably won't be seeing me for awhile, as Dr. Brooks will see me on the 8th, and then we will figure out a schedule for the chemotherapy. She said anywhere from weeks to 6 months before it is all over. Then the radiation will start.
Yep - Chemo. Apparently, my cancer is stage 1, however there are other factors which make it a borderline decision as to whether or not I would have to have chemo - and so - I choose not ever having to do this again! So -- let's kick some cancer butt!! ('scuse please)
Now, before the chemotherapy can start - I have to heal up from the neuroma surgery which I decided today couldn't wait for 'maybe 6 months' to be dealt with, and so dropped in on my Dr. Shapiro, and he is coming in on Monday, the first day of his vacation, and doing my surgery. I thanked him profusely, and he said - "But of course - you are family, here."
I've been seeing him for years and years, and his accounts person is, and his nurse was, a client of mine. I've been to a wedding and shared a table with him and his wife, so - yeah - I do feel as though I'm family. I really like him and his office! (Hi Susan, hi Maricela.)
So, roast beef neuroma surgery on Monday the 30th, dressing/bandage change on Wednesday the 2nd, check to see if stitches can come out on Wed. the 8th. I will have to be off work (SORRY, GUYS) for 3 weeks (or did he say 2 and 1/2 weeks?) ; ) with my feet elevated and resting.
On Wednesday the 8th, I also get to have my first appointment with Dr. Brooks. Looking forward to getting this thing on the road.
Aunt Dot - no, not all of that mass was cancerous, the surgeon just needs to get a clean margin all the way around, with no cancer cells - her margin is, I think she said, 1 cm. So I guess you take all those figures and subtract 1 cm. from each measurement and then figure it out? I don't think that will work, either, because I'm sure there was some overlapping of what she took out. She also said she was right up against the chest muscle, so there wasn't any more room to take more there! It certainly seemed like a goodly sized chunk, though.
I think we described the actual cancer size as about a large grape size. I think maybe she was also going for that other spot, near the cancer, that they found with that first MRI (like those two other spots that disappeared in Scottsdale). Better to be safe than sorry, yes?
I'm officially tired - I've had a very busy day. Yep, yep, yep. I've just realized that I work the next two days, have Sunday off, then have surgery on Monday, and will still be off my feet when Sara FINALLY comes home from her summer adventure. So - some 'things' have to be done - before Monday morning. New mattress, anyone? Sara's was toast - so we are shopping for a new one for her. Two friends are coming over on Sunday to help me with some serious rearranging.
So, I am going to go try out our mattress to see if that is the kind Sara needs to have on her bed. ; ) ; )
Nite, Love you, miss you, many hugs and kisses to you all. Patty : )


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