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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sept 13 It's blonde and going fast

OK, the hair, it is very blonde, and the thickness, it is very little. I'm busily trying to not lose it all before at least a few of my clients get to see it. I know there will be a couple of them who might kind of freak out, but for the most part I think everyone is realizing I'm having fun with it, so they are, too.
Wednesday afternoon we bleached the stuff.
First, as I had not shampooed since Monday morning (ICK!) and had only been kind of patting it with damp hands in the mornings as it was just falling out and falling out, Helen had to rinse out all the sticky hairspray etc. so the bleach application wouldn't just rip everything out. So. We used very strong bleach, usually used for highlighting with foils, and 40 volume peroxide (usual is 20 vol.) and I put the magic Sweet'n'Low into the mixture and slapped it on. After a long time, with a plastic bag on my head, there was progress in the process, but not nearly enough. The tint that we had freshly applied so optimistically last week had only bleached out to a nice peachy color. We carefully shampooed and rinsed it out and reapplied a fresh mixture. (I forgot the Sweet'n'Low that time) Another sitting and waiting this time under a magic color machine with steam and everything, and out it came. (We were a little afraid of making my head sore and the-Dr.-who-is-in-charge-of-me would be really not happy with the making of open oozing sores on the head!)
Shampoo carefully again, rinse carefully again, still pretty yellow but much better. Now the cut which I love love love and have always wanted and never had anyone try because I thought I couldn't wear it this short! It is short! A pixie? A little longer version of the Susan Powter that I have been talking about, so it could be a little spiky on the top. The massive (?) haircut didn't get all the hair that wasn't quite light enough off, so we did have to put a little extra color on it to make it look more blonde than yellow.
Now I love it and I'm not allowed to shampoo till next year so everyone can see it. (JOKING)
I have been carefully saving all the hair I lose each day in separate little packages of tissues, and it cracks me up to look at them and I'm loving showing them and telling about -- this is Sunday shampoo at the salon; this is Monday in the shower, then applying hair goo, letting the hair air dry and then rubbing hands through and fluffing after it dried; this is Tuesday after I realized it was going away fast and didn't comb or shampoo or fluff, but showed everyone how you could just pull out a chunk here or there -- here you want to try it? (Only one person took me up on that) (and it was a bad idea - after you cut it short, you can see bald spots I created. Tee hee) Then, the Wednesday came and the blonding process began and every time we went to the shampoo bowl, we shampooed or rinsed out much hair. Then the careful styling of the hair, then the makeup application of the face and the big earrings and I looked strange/wonderful/bald, and...Odd. But in a cute way. : )
I really, really love it and I want to cut my hair in this style when I get big, I mean when I get hair back.
Oh - one more day of collecting hair - I fluffed my hair over the sink on Wed. night before I got into bed, and muchos pelos fell out into the sinko. I collected them, then Thursday a.m.(that would be today) I had to rinse through a tiny bit of shampoo as while I was cleaning I was also sweating like a horse this morning! (YES) Even More of the hair came out, and I was very very careful and hardly even put a towel close to it and didn't even want to comb it. Still lots coming out and tonight we took a bunch of pictures at all sorts of angles and close ups so I could see what everyone else saw. Very interesting. And did I mention THIN!? Whoo-eeee Mama!
I am trying very hard to not pull all the rest of the hair out to see what it is going to look like, and get it all done, (can you say OCD?) but I'm thinking.....I'm going to let anyone who wants to, to just "come and pull weeds with me"! We'll weed the East Place, Smith kids! ; ) Some people have even told me I have a cute head. Who has told you that lately? HUH? HUH?
I must go to bed - Getting (?) punchy and Sally is keeping me up way past my bedtime.
(Hee hee, I'm such a liar. She has been in bed for a lo-o-o-n-g time and I'm up way too late.) Because I'm so excited that I have company to visit me in my beautiful Tucson, Arizona which is hot but has the very dry heat, so as not to feel so hot as somewhere like Kansas City or Missouri, or Washington, or Florida which all have the very high humidity and also the very high heat. We love our dry heat. (Except when it is the humid heat - during the summer rains.)
I love you all and thank you all every day for supporting me and helping me through this and accepting my very muchly weird weirdness. : ) Love, love, love, Patty : ) : )


At September 15, 2007 at 10:15 PM , Blogger Linn said...

Pictures....we need photos! xoxo Linn

At September 17, 2007 at 5:56 PM , Anonymous Cindy Carson said...

Yes, please if you can figure out the pics.

Love you much


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