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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oct 14 Third Chemo Tomorrow

Tomorrow I go back to Dr. Aung for another bandage change. Last Monday I came home with just a band aid on my foot. I went to work on Tuesday, came home and when I took off my sock, the band aid came with it. I saw the incision, which looked white as though water-logged, and it seemed to be just as large as before I had the second surgery, and I freaked out.
I called Dr. Aung, and went in Wednesday afternoon, and she assured me that it was healing on schedule. However, to placate me, I think mostly, she put steri-strips over the entire incision and then re-bandaged it with the usual gauze and windings and exhortations to not touch it. I hadn't been messing with it - I promise. I looked, of course when the band aid came off, and tried to put another one on. That one didn't stay on, another try with a butterfly over it first. That also came off, and I just had to quit and just put a couple of really sticky ones on it till the Dr. appointment.
I've still been trying to stay off it as much as I possibly can - coming home early, not working the entire day on Fridays, lying down and putting the foot up high as often as possible. I hope it continues its healing progression and heals together quickly.
Tomorrow is also my third chemo. I will be working a little bit on Tuesday morning, taking Wednesday off as that is the sore-day-after-the-shot-day
and then Thursday is my day off for when I'm still a little bit sore, so I'm planning on being back to work on Friday morning for a little bit, then go home for a few hours, then do my Friday night gig. I haven't been staying as late on Friday nights as I used to - I'm wearing out sooner! Getting old I guess!
The computer is up and running again after a little glitch this week - sorry you've all had to wait for an update. Much love to you all, and thanks again as always for the thoughts and wishes. Patty : )


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