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Monday, October 8, 2007

Oct 8 Only a band-aid today

Dr. Aung peeled off all of the Appligraft today, and I got to go home with only a band-aid on my foot. It still is not healed completely - has a bit to fill in and she says it will probably always have a depression or divot in it. It may fill in completely, but will definitely be a much wider scar. I thought this was going to close all that up, but apparently not. Oh, well. It is healing.
I've been working - part time of my already part time hours. I've been pretty tired even so, and so have also been pretty 'lazy' here at home. Just keeping up with the laundry is a big job. But, I have always liked doing the laundry - except at laundromats! There is a beginning, middle, and then a distinct end to the job, and that is very satisfying to me. A job that can be completely done, and there is nothing more hanging over your head. Especially since I don't iron anything anymore. That took a load off my back.
I have to tell you a story about my hair. My friend Charli called and wanted to bring her daughters Chloe and Katie over to visit. Chloe has known me since before birth. (Charli worked with us at Great Lengths) They came to the door, 5' 10" Sara answered the door, and knowing all the great stories I tell her about Chloe and the pictures and videos she sees, she says "Chloe! I'm so glad to see you! You've grown so big!" To which Chloe grins kind of
, says, "Hi", turns to her Mom and says "I thought we were going to go to Aunt Patty's house" "This is Aunt Patty's house." I am looking around the corner from my chair with my foot up, forgetting I don't have any hair (well, it is very short, anyway) and say "Chloe, come here, I'm so glad to see you, it has been so long, come and give me a hug!" All the while she is cautiously walking farther into the living room. She comes on over and lets me pull her up on my lap as I say "Clo-Clo, I've missed you so much, give me a hug and can I have a kiss?!" She does hug me and lets me kiss her on the cheek and then leans back and looks around and says "Where's Aunt Patty?"
Charli and I laughed and laughed, after I had explained, "I am Aunt Patty, Chloe - I just got my hair cut off really, really short." I thought it was such an act of trust for her to come on over and give this strange lady a hug, even though she didn't look a bit like her Aunt Patty!
She was fine about it in no time, after I had her feel how awesome it felt to rub her hand across the top of my head. We had a great day, and I got to teach her how to sew a button onto a felt picture frame. She is a cutie-pie.
At any rate, I'm just plugging along, trying to heal and doing strange things due to "chemo brain" they tell me. I wonder. Saturday morning I got up very early to go in and have my blood drawn for my Monday morning chemo, and after I was at work awhile, realized that I had done it a week early! Now I have to do it all over again! Then, when I went out to get into my car, the remote wouldn't open the door, and wouldn't open the door, even when I got very close. I tried again right at the car, then tried to open it with the combination lock on the door, and that wouldn't work, and some bird had poohed on it since I had gotten in the last time. I was sorting out the actual key to use in the door, when I looked into the car, finally, and saw beige leather seats, and not my black cloth and leather. WHOOOPSY! Wrong car. My car was parked on another side of the building, and I had forgotten where I had parked it! Man! You thought it was bad before.
I do feel well. I have been sleeping more, although I am tired and sleepy most of the time. No aches, pains, or nausea or anything. That's good.
I am, however, going to go to bed early tonight, and get 10 or 11 hours of sleep
again, like I did last night.
So -- love and hugs and thanks to you all out there. Patty : )


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