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Monday, October 15, 2007

Oct 15 Incision Together & Chemo Went Fine

First, off to the Foot Doctor this morning - she took all of the bandage off, took her photos and then re-bandaged it with steri-strips top to bottom again. IT IS FINALLY ALL STUCK TOGETHER ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM AND FROM THE FRONT TO THE BACK AND FROM THE SIDE TO THE SIDE!!!! It has only been since July 30 - 11 weeks from the first surgery. What a goofy experience. She said to come back in two weeks for the next bandage change - I asked her when I could have a shower - she said not yet. I have had one (or two maybe, I can't remember) showers since July 30! My foot is yucky!!
I had washed it with facial washcloths when it just had a band aid on it, all around the band aid of course, and then one of my friends said baby wipes were awesome, also. Now since it's all covered up again - I guess I don't get to use either one of those solutions. Stinky foot.
Dr. Aung was running very late this morning because she was explaining surgery to someone and so I barely made it to my chemo on time. Then they were running very late. Appointment with Aung at 9:00, left and barely had the time to drive to the TMC Cancer Center only about 4 miles away for my 10:15 appointment. It was a little too close for comfort.
Then as I signed in, the receptionist said - "Almah needs to talk to you about your account. It shows a balance due." Almah came up and showed me what they think I owe them - over $150,000. ! Oh. My. Goodness. What if we didn't have insurance. I may owe some of this to cover a new deductible but that would be only $5,000 of that huge number. I don't even know what each of these costs are - it is too overwhelming to look at the EOBs and try to figure out what it means. We don't get a doctor bill to itemize everything.
Anyway, the drips took a long time today, because the Cytoxin gave me the beginnings of a migraine feeling in my forehead and sinus areas and so they gave me an additional bag of saline (or whatever it is) to help flush that out. I then took an Imitrex and they started the Taxotere, slowly. Even slowly, I began again to have a throat reaction, tightening up, and so I got another blast of Benedryl, they stopped the Taxotere for a bit, then started it again very slowly, and then that took forever - I think I left there at 3:45 or 4!
Somewhere in there when I went to the rest room dragging my I.V. pole behind me - I discovered, in my jeans pocket, the little box of my medications that I was supposed to take this morning at breakfast. I didn't get breakfast because I didn't plan far enough ahead of time to allow for the late appointments, and then the chemo went on so long I missed lunch, also. So, I ended up not taking the other half of the steroid prescription this morning. When I discovered it and of course told them, they said never mind - it's too late now, and at any rate, you got some in the first bag. So, forgetting the medication was probably partly the cause of my reactions. I think I'm going to start taking my ADD medications again, because that coupled with chemo brain doesn't do me much good.
One more chemo to go - November 5, 2007. Then an appointment with Dr. Roeder, the surgeon, on the 12th just to see how I am doing before the radiation begins. I begin radiation soon after the chemo is over. I haven't made that appointment, yet. I have a note to make the call tomorrow to Dr Crogan, the Rad Onc.
I am going in to work for only 2 clients tomorrow, then I'm coming home and staying till Friday morning. I'm learning. Slowly.
Peace and good thoughts and I love you all. Keep helping me with your good thoughts, as I need them a lot with this chemo brain/ADD thing. Patty : )


At October 16, 2007 at 12:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES !!! ooooo

At October 20, 2007 at 4:46 PM , Anonymous Cindy Carson said...

Chemo brains are amazing things. I seen and worked with a lot. Have you asked your doc about adding your ADD med to the list? Please do so it is not reacting with anything.

You are still absolutely amazing me. Everybody at work continues to ask about you.

You have a mutlitude of people and prayers out there.



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