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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nov 4 Last Chemo Tuesday - Not Monday - OOPS

Chemo brain got me good this time - I didn't get to the lab in time on Saturday to get blood drawn, so I can't have chemo tomorrow as planned.
So, I'll go to get blood drawn tomorrow morning first thing, call the Med Onc when they open and cancel Monday's appointment, and make another appointment for Tuesday. I hope. This schedule doesn't work as well for me to be at home when the soreness from my shot hasn't gone completely away, but oh well.
Hopefully I can get another appointment at a convenient time for my Tuesday clients.
I haven't caught you up on the HAIR. I had Helen clip what was left very very short a couple (?) weeks ago, and then about a week ago I lost all the rest of my eyebrows. (This week I've lost the eyelashes on my left eye only!) I decided that this would probably be the only Halloween that I could go as someone bald, instead of my favorite character - a witch.
(I add to that costume every year and it just gets better and better. I sit on the front patio
and pretend to be a statue until some unsuspecting poor soul reaches into the bowl on my lap where my hands with the long black fingernails are poised, holding candy. I then grab at their hands and say/yell "Aagghhh!" and they scream and jump back and I say "I gotcha" and we all laugh and I make them tell me a joke - clean and not rude - before I will give them a treat. Some of the kids remember that they have to come up with a joke and one told me she had been trying to come up with one all day. I love it.)
Well.....back to the bald. I decided - MR.CLEAN! I shaved my head and wore strips of cotton double sticky taped for eyebrows. With a white t-shirt with washcloths rolled up underneath for a 6-pack and everything Ace bandaged down and white pants and shoes , and my one gold hoop earring - I was Mr. Clean.
I had to continue getting up out of my chair to strike the pose (you know the one - arms folded at chest, chin up and feet planted firmly shoulder width apart) and had people guess who I was. Little ones said "the president?" ?!?!? What?!?!
After the up and down many times I guess my chair had scooted backwards a tiny bit each time. Bob came out to see how things were going (no treaters at that moment), I looked up at him and then s-l-o-w-l-y fell off the patio - still in the chair, into, onto the gravel in the front yard. Bob said it was just as slow motion as it seemed but he couldn't grab anything without coming down on top of me. I just laid there - he said "Do you want help up, or ice?" I said "ICE, please."
I landed on my right elbow mostly, and have a big bruise where my right hip was still in the director's chair. My left leg was up in the air caught in the leg of the chair somehow and I was afraid to move for a while. Bob got back with the ice, helped me up (that took a while!) and I am just fine, with only a hurty elbow and a couple of bruises to show for it.
My sleep has not gotten much better - I hardly slept at all last night, again. I tried the mask, no pill, and I think I'm not going to try that again tonight. I've never been bothered by light or worried about the clock - I'm just aware of the time and am just bored lying there. People (you know - 'they') say to just get up and do something, however, I know me, and I'll just read and stay up all night anyway. So that won't/doesn't work for me. If I have even a second of drowsy somewhere in there - I want to be lying down in bed to take advantage of it.
I am beginning to think that my Dr. friend is right and it is just age and that M word. The hot flashes are back and that is chemo and the M word. We just can't win.
I finally began feeling better this past Friday afternoon and I've been doing some paper cleaning here. It's not happening very fast, though.
It comes into the house faster than I can get rid of it. So frustrating.
OK - I'm going to try bed now. I can tell I'm feeling lots better - I'm writing a missive. Sorry it's been so sparse - I'd look at the computer and think that I just couldn't think of anything to say except "I'm tired." So, here I am again, for awhile, anyway.
Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts and wishes - Judy,
I did know all the cousins (thank goodness my brain hasn't gone that far), but I got so frustrated at how many great cousins that I couldn't remember their names. I got all messed up with all the next generations. I tried naming the NEXT generation (great great cousins). I got almost nowhere - I couldn't remember half of the names. I almost got out of bed to go look up names, then decided that would kind of defeat the purpose. So I began singing my songs for Chorus. You know how you can't get a song out of your brain? Well.
I do think I dozed a little bit through the night, but it was hard to quit singing and thinking of names ("oh yeah, that's it!").
It was fun, though. There surely are a bunch of us Smiths and Gerards! Man!
OK, To bed to bed said Sleepy Head.
Let's wait awhile said Slow.
Put on the pot said Greedy Gut ,
Let's eat before we go.
I surely haven't thought of that one of Dad's sayings for a long time. I used to say it to Sara when she was little. She always wanted to eat before bed!
Good night. Sweet dreams. Love to you all. Patty : )


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