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Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 12 Rad Onc on Thursday

This morning I had a quick visit with my Primary Care Physician (everything is just fine) and blood work for cholesterol and my thyroid (the ONLY two things I think that they haven't been checking every 3 weeks. I'm now on my way for another quick visit with the surgeon, Dr. Roeder, to see how the left it is doing between the chemo and the ensuing radiation.
Thursday will be the positioning, tattooing (only blue dots, and only 4 or 5?) and practice run of the radiation, then I'll be starting either next week or the week after. 30 days of radiation, going on and on clear until next year! ; ) -- simply because first there is Thanksgiving day, the day after they are also closed, then Christmas Day, then New Year's Day - they all want a holiday! Imagine that! Actually, Sara just counted the days, and without the holidays, and if I don't miss anything, 30 treatment days from now would be Dec 31, but I know it really won't happen that way.
We just watched Sicko at our house this weekend, and I'm really glad (once again) that I have health insurance! Very interesting 'movie'.
My foot seems to be all healed - just very purple and the new scar is wide, not closed up as I'd hoped, but it will calm down a lot, I know. The chemo nurse practitioner thinks there is an undissolved stitch to one side of the new incision. I just thought the bump was some strange symptom of the "off label" product the Dr. used for the second surgery.
I can't remember if I told everyone that I finally remembered to ask what were they using for the skin graft. If it didn't begin from my skin, or cadaver, or pig skin, or whatever, what exactly did the "grown in a petri dish" start from? Dr. Aung said "infant foreskin". They don't throw away anything they can possibly use, huh!
Must off to the Dr. Take care and a new post soon, Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, everyone. Patty : )


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