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Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov 30 All seems well - I'm not glowing

My first 'week' of radiation is over. Nothing to speak of - I can't feel anything happening (they said I wouldn't), I don't see anything happening (they said I wouldn't). I'm to find aloe vera and use it, beginning now, and may use the plant if I wish. I remember it as being quite sticky to just smear the insides of the 'leaf' all over your sunburn. They said I'd probably not feel anything skin wise until much later on, and the fatigue some people get may or may not happen. I am, of course, planning on it not happening at all. : )
At our pot luck for choir rehearsal, a survivor who is also the daughter of a survivor, told me about her mom envisioning 'snowy white skin' during her radiation. She never burned at all. The mom is very fair, red hair, freckles, and sunburns very easily. Sound like anyone you all know?? Soooo, I am now envisioning snowy white alabaster pure white etc. .....bahsooms. I couldn't help it. I began thinking of Scarlet O'Hara and her snowy white skin, then it became her snowy white heaving bosoms and then - on and on. I just began thinking of Tara and then Rhett and then Ashley, and I just couldn't go there. So, now it is just a pure white sandy beach and alabaster shells and marble stone work. I think that will do it. Or not. ; )
I love this blog. You guys just wish you could see my face - or head, for that matter. No eyebrows, no eyelashes, no hair (well - I do have about 3/8 inch maybe? They just told me I won't ever have to shave that armpit again. I think they said something about sweat glands, too. And no, they won't do it on the other armpit for me. Darn.
My memory is not getting any better, so look out. I keep trying to check to see if I have already told you all something, but things just keep slipping by.
I did forget one thing. I found the Sunstone cancer support office, just a couple doors down from my Dr. office. They keep a jigsaw puzzle out at all times. The first day I found it, I had to keep at it until I had gotten all the border together. Someone else already had the border pieces all sorted out, and a lot of it finished, and so I just had to get it all together. So now, every time I go in, I have to find at least one piece that I can put together. Some days, it takes awhile. Fun, cuz I loves me jigsaws.
Love to all, take care and stay well. Patty : )


At December 3, 2007 at 3:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep on with the jigsaws!
I do the daily online, day after day after day !!


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