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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nov 21 Gross Out Alert - Do Not Read If Runny Nose and Mucus Production Sounds Icky ; )

I finally got tired of my nose problem - running sinuses and then a bloody nose almost daily for the last year or so. I called the ENT the cancer doc suggested, and got in to see them quickly. It was 8:00 a.m. the morning before Thanksgiving.
I tell you that so you will appreciate this: the nice doctor said "Oh my, you do have a blood vessel in there that needs cauterized - and this other side is even worse!"
So, a quick blast of air to dry them (the nostrils) out, then a blast of anesthesia, out to have a seat elsewhere for a few minutes, then back in the office to have it cauterized. I realized that -- this might hurt, what was I thinking, anyway?!
Too late, he dipped a q-tip thingy into a bottle of 'stuff' (I found out later - silver nitrate) and applied it inside my nostrils. Done! We talked for a couple minutes more - what do I do about this deviated septum etc., and I said - "Oh, it feels as though my nose is dripping" He assured me it was not. OK says I.
I drive to work - walk to the salon from the parking lot, meeting up with a couple co-workers, one of them looking at me strangely, and saying "Patty, What do you have on your nose?!" I tried to hide it - thinking I had not cleaned it well after the Dr. appt. I covered it with my hand, went into the salon and looked into the first mirror I could find.
I had a big black drip from my nostril halfway to my upper lip!!!!! They all called me booger face all the rest of the day. Cute! Not!
It was the silver nitrate that did that. I did not enjoy what happened the rest of the day. I tried to cover the black with concealer. That worked, however, my running nose had to be wiped. There went the concealer. After a few more times of this, I gave up and plugged the nostrils with tissue. Then the best time began. The nose began running so much that I could cut about 2 clips of hair, reach for a tissue to blow my nose, go wash my hands, come back and pick up my scissors and take two more snips and have to do it all over again. I gave up and ended up just plugging both nostrils with toilet tissue and wearing a face mask over that gorgeousness for the rest of the day. I still had to take breaks to redo all that every hour or so. Turns out - that was a result of the anesthesia. I really could have done this a different day than the day before Thanksgiving.
Oh - I didn't tell you - I called the Dr. back - no call back to me till the end of the day, and then they said - oh, the black stuff will wear off. WHEN?
In a few days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It did, and my runny nose calmed down and all was pretty right with the world.
And my nose has stopped bleeding for the first time in a year or so. The miracles of modern medicine!


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